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On-page results demo

FreeFind now offers you the choice of search boxes:
     traditional search box - displays results on a separate page
     dynamic search box - displays results on same page as the search box

A traditional search box works in the usual way
  1. the visitor enters keywords in your search box and presses search
  2. the visitor then sees the search results on a separate page

A dynamic search box delivers on-page results
  1. the visitor enters keywords in your search box and presses search
  2. results are shown on the same page in a movable, sizable, frame

The easiest way to see how it works is to try this demo:
index sitemap advanced
site search by freefind


Dynamic search box features
As you can see from this brief demo, your visitor never leaves your site. The search results are simply shown on the same page as the search box.

On-page results - search results shown on same page as search box
Keep your visitors - they stay on your page as they search
Movable and resizable results frame - automatic or manual initial sizing
Customizable look - change the frame color and content layout
Standards compliant - works with modern browsers
Supports quirks mode - works with older browsers
Works with IE, Firefox, Safari, and more... - for wide compatibility
Fallback to traditional mode if scripting is off - for those without javascript

Get the dynamic search box on your site
  1. Sign-up for FreeFind if you have not already done so
  2. Login to the FreeFind Control Center
  3. Index
    Indexing your site
    Our web crawler visits your site to create a searchable database of your site.
    your site by clicking on the build index tab, then click index now
  4. We send you an email when indexing of your site is complete
  5. Click on the HTML tab, and scroll down to the dynamic search box
  6. Copy the HTML and paste it into your site
You're ready to go.


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