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Setup for Non-English Languages
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It is possible to change the language of the prompts shown in the search results. This document describes the process and which languages are currently available.

This tutorial is not a web/html primer and assumes that you already know how the process of "web surfing" is accomplished (i.e. a browser requests a page from a server which then returns the page to be viewed), what an HTML "form" is and how it works, and what a link "target" is. If you are not familiar with these concepts please read a basic web/html primer.  
Supported Languages
Translation Credits


To change the language of the search result prompts it is necessary to add an additional html tag to your search panel. This html tag specifies the language for the prompts.

As an example, if you wanted to change your search result prompts to Spanish, you would add the tag:
   <input type="hidden" name="lang" value="es">
to your search panel. This tag must be placed after the search panel's initial
   <form ...
tag and before it's ending
tag, otherwise it will not work.

We recommend using a text editor to modify your search panel as many HTML editors modify added html code without notifying you, resulting in unpredictable results.

If the language code ("es", "fr", "it", etc) is not recognized or supported, English prompts will be used.

Note that currently the web search results always show English prompts.

Supported Languages(top)

The following lists the currently supported languages.

Language HTML Tag
Bulgarian <input type=hidden name=lang value=bg>
Catalan <input type=hidden name=lang value=ca>
Chinese, Simplified <input type=hidden name=lang value=zh>
Chinese, Traditional <input type=hidden name=lang value=zh2>
Chinese, Traditional <input type=hidden name=lang value=zh3>
Czech <input type=hidden name=lang value=cs>
Danish <input type=hidden name=lang value=da>
Dutch <input type=hidden name=lang value=nl>
French <input type=hidden name=lang value=fr>
German <input type=hidden name=lang value=de>
Greek <input type=hidden name=lang value=el>
Hungarian <input type=hidden name=lang value=hu>
Italian <input type=hidden name=lang value=it>
Norwegian <input type=hidden name=lang value=no>
Romanian <input type=hidden name=lang value=ro>
Romanian <input type=hidden name=lang value=ro2>
Russian <input type=hidden name=lang value=ru>
Spanish <input type=hidden name=lang value=es>
Swedish <input type=hidden name=lang value=sv>
Polish <input type=hidden name=lang value=pl>
Portuguese <input type=hidden name=lang value=pt>
Turkish <input type=hidden name=lang value=tr>
Ukranian <input type=hidden name=lang value=uk>

If the language you are looking for is not here and you are a native speaker willing to do the translation, please contact us.

Translation Credits(top)

The following people translated or contributed to the translation of the search prompts:
Roberto Albanesi
Sebastian Brinkmann
Radu Capan
Ferran Clavell
Sorin Cosma
Alex Dantart
Hakan Dogan
Stan Drozdowski
Juergen Hinrichs-Roehring
Angus Ho
Xu Huimin
Alexander Kachanov
Olga Kapnitsi
Kim Malchau
M. R. Mallee
Yaroslav Neveliuk
Lars Christian Ragus
Eddy Ribeyrol
Thomas Riesler
Antonin Slejska
Slavko Todorov
Levente Vero
Andre Zielasko
We thank them for their assistance!


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