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Privacy We take your (and our!) privacy seriously. We never sell your e-mail address to spammers. Your e-mail address is used to provide you with feedback from the FreeFind system and inform you about issues relating to FreeFind such as system updates and changes. While FreeFind does not send out e-mail advertising, informational E-mails from FreeFind may contain advertising as part of the e-mail.
Constant Upgrades We are currently continually upgrading this site. We put in new software revisions frequently. While we try to avoid problems, new software sometimes has bugs. Please go to here to send us descriptions of any problems you encounter.
Intended Use The FreeFind service is intended for use as described in this web-site only. Any other type of use is forbidden.
Disclaimer Hey, this is a free service. We reserve the right to shut it down, kick you off, display invalid results, and fail in any way possible. This search engine is not fault tolerant in any way and should never be used for critical applications. (Yes, this applies to subscribers too)
More Disclaiming We don't endorse anything that appears on any search result, site map, or what's new page that we serve. We don't imply any connection between any two or more things that may appear on this site. User text that appears as part of search results, site maps, and what's new pages is their own responsibility. We will not be held liable for anything. Pages describing our own services and company are believed to be correct, but not guaranteed in any way.
Illegal Use The FreeFind server is set up in California, USA. You may not use this server for any purpose which is considered illegal in the United States or in the State of California.
Adults-only sites FreeFind may not be used for adults only ( "xxx", sex, porn, etc) sites. While we support free speech, some of our advertisers may not want to associate their brands with naked people. If we get enough interest from adult sites we may start a separate search engine for adult sites only. Please e-mail us if you would like to be notified if this becomes available.
Advertising No advertising will be shown on subscription accounts. For free accounts we get our revenues from ads (sorry!), so there are a few rules concerning advertising:
  1. We reserve the right to display advertising on any or all of the pages which originate from our web server (except on subscription accounts),
  2. Users of our free service may not display their own advertising on any page that originates from our web server (such as the search results page) and
  3. Users of our free service may not remove the ads from any web page which originates from our web server, nor use any such page without displaying the associated advertising (for example, if you have a program that uses the results that we generate, that program must also display the ads).

Note: While your search results and similar pages which originate from our server contain advertising, we do not display advertising on your web site, nor require any type of link back to our site (through we do appreciate it if you put an "Indexed by the FreeFind search engine" link on your site).

Policy Changes This policy will change from time to time. Updates to the policy will be posted here.
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