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This library gathers together all of the site search engine knowledge available online at this time. If you have a question, find the answer here.

Contents Tutorials Display How-Tos Content How-Tos Reference FAQ The library reflects the knowledge gained from years of supporting many thousands of customers and their sites. You can either browse the available documents or use the library search engine (at the top of all library pages) to locate the information you need.

How it Works

This explains how our remotely-hosted site search and navigation engine works. We recommend reading this first so you are clear on the fundamental concepts.

Basic Page Search Setup

A step-by-step guide to using FreeFind as a typical site search engine. If you want to your visitors to be able to easily locate the pages on your site read this.

Basic Data Search Setup

How to use FreeFind's novel "data search" mode. Data search allows you to index lists or directories of items, even when there is more than one item on each page.

These how-tos concern the look of the search results. Using Templates for the Best Look

Templates allow you to "drop" the search results into a page of your own design. This tutorial shows you how to make them and use them.

Changing the Font Using Style Sheets

How to use style sheets to change the font used in the search results.

Search Result Item Customization

How to change what is displayed for each search result.

Hiding the Results Page Search Panel

How to hide the search panel that is displayed by default on the search results page.

How to Setup your Framed Site

Miscellaneous hints on how to setup your search engine for your framed site.

Setup for Non-English Languages

How to change the language of the prompts in the search results.

How to Restructure your Site Map

Hints on changing the structure of your site map.

These how-tos concern what is included in the index. How to Exclude Pages from Search

How to prevent parts of your site from being included in the search engine index.

How to Use Sections

How to divide your index into separately searchable sections.

Searching Forums

How to efficiently search your forum.

How to Index Password Protected Pages

How to index your password protected pages.

Monitoring Pages for Changes

How to allow users to easily monitor the pages of your site for changes.

How to Use Robots.txt

How to exclude parts of your site from being indexed by using an industry-standard robots.txt file.

Control Center Help

Help with operating the Control Center. What each control does.


Frequently Asked Questions. If you have read the tutorials above and still have a question, then it is probably answered here. If you cannot find it, use the search engine at the top of the page.

Relevance Scoring Reference

Search engine relevance scoring: what it is, how it works, how to use it.

Indexing Log Reference

This reference describes the indexing log file that is created when we index your site. It covers each section of the log file and explains the messages that you might find in your log.

HTML Tag Reference

The HTML tags that we support. This includes both standard tags (like the "robots" meta tag) and special FreeFind tags used for advanced control.


Words and terms that we use that may need to be clarified.

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