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This page allows you to change your sign-up information or to close your account permanently.

Contents Change URL New e-mail address Change password Enable management View or switch Verify email Permanently close account When you change this information you will need to use the updated info next time you log in. Remember!

The sections below correspond to the available commands.

Change URL
Use this to change the address of your website, or to make the spider (indexer) start indexing your site at a different starting location (like past your "splash" page).
New e-mail address
Use this to update your email address when it changes.
Change password
You can use this option to change your password to make it more memorable.
Enable management
If you have a lot of accounts, use this option to enable features for easy switching between accounts.
View or switch
View recently used accounts and switch between them.
Verify email
Validate your email address. Although we allow sign ups without pre-verifying your email address is valid, you will need to validate your address in order to continue using our service.
Permanently close account
This option will permanently close your account. After closing your account your search engine will no longer work. Before doing this, be absolutely sure you know what you are doing. It is not uncommon for people to forget they still have a search box on their site. Closing your account will prevent your search box from working.

Note: This is not a log out function!

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