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This page allows you to access your search reports. These reports are an important tool for the webmaster as they allow you to see what the visitors to your site are looking for and answer the question: "is your site meeting expectations?".

Contents Activity report Keyword report Query report Report email settings View log list For your convenience reports are email to you on a weekly and monthly basis. This can be turned off by using the report email settings option.

The sections below correspond to the available commands.

Activity report

This report indicates the number of site searches performed per day. Statistics are kept for the previous full month, as well as the current partial month.

Keyword report

This reports indicates the most popular words (not queries) that were searched for. Note that a single query can include more than one word, and each word is accounted for independently. Statistics are kept for the previous full month, as well as the current partial month.

Query report

This report lists the most 50 most recent queries performed. Statistics for this report are not limited to the past 1+ months. They are kept for as long as it takes to accumulate 50 queries.

Report email settings

This option allows you to "unsubscribe" to both the weekly and monthly email reports. When the wizard appears uncheck the "e-mail search reports..." control to unsubscribe. If you decide later that you would like to receive the reports via email, check the box.

View log list

This option allows you to view recent indexing logs.

Indexing logs are an important diagnostic tool and can help answer many questions.

Indexing logs are generated each time your site is indexed. They detail precisely what happened when your site was scanned and indexed. They also contain a list of pages included in the final index.

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