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My Site has Frames...

Here are some quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about using your search engine with framed sites.

If you haven't already read How to Setup your Framed Site, we strongly recommend that you do so now.

Can I "target" the page links in the search results?
Yes. Use the "result link target" option on the "build index" page of the Control Center.
How do I ensure that a page has the correct frameset around it?
For sites with single a frameset the technique is to display the search results in your "main" (or "content") frame and ensure that only "main" pages get indexed. For sites with multiple framesets the technique is to use some javascript on every page which ensures the correct frameset is loaded around the page. Both of these techniques are covered in How to Setup your Framed Site.
Can I prevent the "Frame in a Frame" look?
Yes. If you configured your search panel to show the search results in a frame you need to ensure that only pages that belong in that same frame are indexed. This is covered in How to Setup your Framed Site.
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