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Other Questions

Here are some quick answers to other commonly asked questions about our service.

I am moving my site. What should I do?
To make sure that you account is fully moved over to your new site address, log in to the Control Center and do the following:
  1. Update the address of your web site - Go to the admin tab page and use the change URL link. Enter your new web site address and press the button.
  2. Update your email address, as needed - Sometimes when your site moves, so does your email address. If so, go to the admin tab page and use the new e-mail address link. Enter your new email address and press the button.
  3. Update web addresses (URLs) used to customize your account - Often when you first setup your search engine, you enter the addresses of images/etc in order to customize the look and feel of the results. Make sure that these values are either up-to-date or not used by going to the customize page and using the following links: change background, add your logo, and link back text.
  4. Update additional spider starting points, as needed - If you have set additional spider starting points, go to the build index page page and use the set starting points link to update them.
  5. Update exclusions, as needed - If you have set exclusions for the spider, go to the build index page page and use the exclude pages link to update them.
After you have finished updating your account, go to the build index page page and use the index now link to rebuild the index for your site.

Next time you log in to the Control Center be sure to use your new account information!

How do I close my account?
Log in to the Control Center then go to the admin tab page and use the permanently close account link. When the wizard appears, check the "close my FreeFind account" selection. Please also let us know why you are closing your account (we really care about this!). Then press the button to close your account.

Note: This option will permanently close your account! After closing your account your search engine will no longer work. Before doing this, be absolutely sure that you know what you are doing. It is not uncommon for people to forget they still have a search panel on their site. Closing your account will prevent your search panel from working.

Note: This is not a log out function!

If you are simply getting too many emails but still want the search on your site to continue to function, look here.

How do I get technical support?
Go to our contact page and follow the directions there.
Why are my reports empty?
There are a couple reasons this might happen:
You have not waited long enough.
It can take 5 or 10 minutes for the reports to be updated.
You have more than one account...
...and your search panel uses one, but you are logging in and checking another. Each account uses its own unique search panel. When you use a search panel, you can see which account it is for by looking for an "id" in the address at the top of the browser, like: "". In this case the account's site ID is 123. When you log in to check your reports, verify that this is the account that you using by looking for the site ID near the top of the page (above the tabs).
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