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Control Center Help

For detailed help with a particular section of the Control Center, click on the appropriate page tab below.

Use this page to remove the advertising from the search results by subscribing. Subscription plans start at only $5/month.

build index page
This page is used to control the "spider" (indexer) which visits your site in order to build the index for it.

To change the look and feel of your results, use the configuration options on this page.

This page contains the HTML to add to your site. Search panels, text links, etc.

The reports page is used to see what your visitors are trying to find on your site. Are you meeting expectations?

admin tab
If you need to change your site address, email address or other basic account information then this is the page to use.

The library contains all of the search engine documentation. For the FAQ, tutorials, "how-tos" and more look here.

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